How to apply online for Driving License

How to apply online for Driving License : Driving license is a document to run any vehicle in India, which allows the driver to drive that vehicle. It is mandatory for the driver to have this driving license driving license document. Driving license is a kind of identity card which is sponsored by the Indian government. Who has a driving license is officially done for driving in India. The process of applying the first driving license was quite complex and it was wasted too long. But with the increase of technology now you can also apply for driving license online.

How to apply online for Driving License

For online application of a driving license, you can apply by going to the website of the RTO Department of your state / city. You have to download the form from the website, after downloading the form, it must be filled correctly and submitted with all necessary documents. Within approximately 1 month or 45 days you will get a learning license after giving a test. After that you will have to give another test in RTO, after which you will be given your driving license. After these 2 tests, after getting the license, India will be officially ready to operate the vehicle.

Types Of Driving License :

In India, driving license is given for 19 different types of vehicles. When filling the form you can select your vehicle according to your need.

How to apply online for a driving license Step by step Guide :

Lets know How to apply online for Driving License. First of all, open the website of Government of India’s Ministry of Road Transport and Highways After that on this website, you have to go to Apply online. Here you will need to click on Application Form for New LL and DL. Look in the image below.

How to apply online for Driving License
How to apply online for Driving License

Then there will open a new page from there, on that page you will get a form, download it or fill it online. Let’s know how to fill the form online to apply for driving license.

  • First you have to choose which type of license you want? If you have to apply for learning license then click on new learning license. If you have to apply for driving license then click on New Driving License.
  • After completing the above step, you will have a new page, firstly enter your Aadhar number. After this, you will have to choose your state from the options given in this page. Choose your state.
  • After selecting the state, you will get the list of RTO / DOT of your selected state. Select your RTO / DTO.
  • After this, fill in your correct date of birth in the next box (fill the date of birth in DD / MM / YY format.)
  • Enter the applicant’s full name in the applicant’s name. (First name in First name, middle name in middle name and lastly put surname)
  • In the next box relation, choose one of your father / husband and enter the full name of the selected person. If the person you selected is your dad, then enter his full name if he is your husband then enter his full name.
  • Next, choose your gender from male / female in Gender option. (Select an option with boy male and select an option containing girls female)
  • Fill your mobile number in the box next to it.
  • Just fill your age in the age box. If you are not sure, then please look at the documents and fill the age.
  • After this the turn of the column with place of birth In it you fill in your birth place.
  • Fill Indian in Citizenship
  • In the Citizen status, if your birth has been done in India, then select the birth option.
  • Fill your blood group in the next box.
  • Fill in your email address in the email address and select where you have studied in education qualification.
  • After this, click Continue and proceed.
  • After this the turn comes to part B of the form. In this section you will have to give details of your vehicle.
  • The applicant can choose from 19 types of vehicles as per his wish. (The applicant must select the same vehicle which he is going to run.)
  • After selecting the vehicle, the applicant has to give all the information related to the vehicle and the full length of the vehicle here.
  • After this, third part of the form “C” in this section, the applicant will have to apply the copy of the information and document related to which document to be applied. These documents only provide the applicant’s identity, the age of the applicant, the applicant’s address, the license of the applicant, the driving license or learning etc. is given.
  • In Part “D” it is announced that the applicant has applied all the necessary documents, so his application has been forwarded.
  • After that click on “submit” after all the information.
  • In this page you will find “Application number”. You can get information related to your driving license through this application number.

You can check the status of your driving license only through the application number. Keep this application number in a note, and it can be read further.

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