xSurf Web browser

xSurf Web browser :  xSurf Browser is a nifty, simple, safe high-speed mobile browser, with simple features that are convenient to use to enable easier management of commonly used and favorite URLs. Its extremely small size allows for less memory consumption as well as a smoother Internet speed, and its powerful ad filter function can make the browsing experience more comfortable.

xSurf Web browser :

Download and enjoy xSurf Web browser. It is very fast 4g android internet browser. There are also many other useful features waiting for you to explore. The purest mobile Internet experience is on xSurf Browser, the global mobile browser users’ brand-new choice. xSurf Browser Features: 【Minimum Size】 Installation package is only 3.6 MB, with smooth running for a variety of low-memory phones. 【Maximum Speed】Zero-second start, with downloading at the speed of light to give you an extremely fast Internet browsing experience. 【Least Data Used】The best data usage optimization technology, saving up to 80% of data. 【Ad Blocking】Easy access to pages – no need to worry about being interrupted while browsing websites. 【Safe Browsing】Incognito browsing can ensure the security of your personal information on a web page. 【Download Manager】Easily saves images and videos, allowing for simpler and more convenient management of downloaded files.

Download xSurf 4g Web browser beta version : https://mega.nz/#!9aAknLLB!GWAgVn1RvojBtzxoJXjiqb7Fazo39WKkeo7Cm-1Dm2I

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